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Get-Inboxrule – easy way to get rules from mailboxes

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment

An easy command for checking if there are any automatic rules on an Exchange Mailbox is to use PowerShell and Get-InboxRule, this commandlet will give you an output of all the rules and what the rule does with emails that`s arriving in the mailbox.

Example: Get-InboxRule -Mailbox “account” | Select Name, Description | fl


Finding Exchange Control Pane in Office 365 with new layout

Lately Microsoft have changed its layout in Office365 and in that same change made it harder to find Exchange Control (ECP) Panel.

At the moment the easiest way to open ECP is to log in to your office 365 Outlook Web Access.
Then, change the url from something like this: to this:

As you can see you change OWA to ECP and youre in!

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