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Backup Hyper-V with Windows Server Backup 2012

Backup VM
Backuptarget = drive letter to backup destination (not folder)
VM Host name = identical with VM name in hyperv console

wbadmin start backup -backuptarget:[drive letter] -hyperv:[VM name] -quiet

RESTORE VM to a new server
Backuptarget = UNC path to data location on old server
Recoverytarget = path on new server

C:\>wbadmin get versions -backuptarget:\\[ip]\[share]
C:\>wbadmin get items -backuptarget:\\[ip]\[share] -version:[versionID]
C:\>wbadmin start recovery -itemtype:hyperv -items:[VM identifier] -backuptarget:\\[ip]\[share] -recoverytarget:[path] -alternatelocation -version:[versionID]

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