So! I`m back again after not blogging, speaking or “anything” for the community for the last one and half year (since the pandemic started in Norway 12.03.2020)!

I have been spending the summer in paternity leave at home with my 1 year old son and been been recharging my batteries to full and from now on I will be starting with community work again as I feel ready to meet, great and have fun with all you fellow community people again.

The pandemic has physically drawn me down to a place where i have not been able to contribute to the community at all. I used all my energy on delivering my hours at work and spending time with my family at home.

Now that we see the end of the pandemic i feel energized and ready to work hard both from our company offices and from home when that`s needed!

Next community talk is our “Office 365 User Group Agder” meetup in Kristiansand Norway where I will be delivering the “What`s new” section. This will be a in-person event with both food and drinks complimented to our guests! SO EXITED!!

I will also work hard on getting back on stage on other conferences and meetups moving forward!

See you guys arroud – Cheers