Outlook 2013 on terminal server displays “configuring office 2013 64-bit components” at launch

When you run Outlook 2013 in a terminal server (aka Remote Desktop Session Host) you can experience that every time Outlook is launched the user sees the installer running “configuring office 2013 64-bit components” for a few seconds.


  1. Install Windows Search Services. On 2008 R2: Subcomponent to “File Services” role. On 2012: Located under Features.
  2. If prompted: Don’t add drives for indexing
  3. If prompted: Reboot
  4. Set the server into install mode (“Change user /install” in elevated cmd)
  5. Start Outlook 2013, the installation popup should not appear now
  6. Set the server into Execution mode¬†(“Change user /execute” in elevated cmd, or reboot)

Problem solved!