Copilot is coming! But are you ready?

Before we can adopt Microsoft 365 Copilot we need to make sure our data and staff is ready for the “change of way we work” that M365 Copilot is.

What does this mean for me as an end-user and consumer of Microsoft 365 and are getting the ability to use Microsoft 365 Copilot?

For the regular end-user the we need to adopt how we are asking about information – but most important, we also need to get more knowledge on how and where we are storing our data. Private data must not be stored at common filestorage locations, sensitive data must be labeled correct and we also need to be sure of who has access to what.

All of this are user-adoption work that need to be done to get an good hygien of your data and for your companies data.

From an administrator point of view we want to enable end-user to be more effective and creative within the boundaries that are set for the users meaning that WE need to setup our services so that end-users can safeguard their data in the best and easiest ways.

So therefore! Here are the steps that you need to work on BEFORE adopting Microsoft 365 Copilot

I will add some new blogposts on each of these areas in the time ahead so that we all are more Microsoft 365 Copilot ready.

What do you think of Microsoft 365? Reach out and let`s discuss it 🙂